Matson Island

Where does the story begin? A secret island in the center of the Pacific hidden to the nullifidian. Opening its gates through Pronatalis Bay only to the apostles. An island split in two. Held with high regard and faith in Cicada Robotics, the Imago are proclaimed dignitaries seeking wealth and knowledge through trade and advanced technology. Led by their origins and ancestors, Ayuthians are spiritually connected to the island and value tradition and renounce Cicada Robotics.

With the launch of the Synthetic Cognitive Reconstruction of Emotional Artificial Motility “SCREAM” (SCREAM) technology, there was an uproar with the locals as some believed robots would take over and there would be a loss for genuine human connection. Others believed in the advancement and Cicada Robotics would continue helping those with anxiety, depression, and other cognitive illnesses. With the facility breakout of the N-Bot 502, the people of the island were further split in opinions. Decommission the robot? The robot has rights? What about our safety? What about the robot’s safety? It’s so realistic, is it even a robot? Why is Cicada Robotics on high alert for this specific robot?

After escaping the final psychology examination and demonstration, the N-Bot 502 hid in the shadows of the island. After finding shelter in abandoned vans and sports cars at the Matson Junkyard, it stumbled upon the mysterious Xylem Woods. It heard there was a secret hideout for other robots seeking refuge (Contortionist). Here is where the story is on standby as we continue our journey of the hunt for the N-Bot 502...

Cicada Robotics. At the forefront of technology in the 22nd century, Cicada Robotics has paved the way to the future through technological innovation. Located along the Eastern border of Matson Island and leading research and the development of the world’s first artificial emotion database. The first of its kind within its facility and the platform behind the N-Bot 502. Leading in artificial intelligence advancement and a reputation as the world’s foremost technologically advanced corporation. Cicada Robotics: Making the wildest dreams of the future the reality of the present.

Cicada Robotics is the company behind the Synthetic Cognitive Reconstruction of Emotional Artificial Motility “SCREAM” technology. This technological advancement has helped patience suffering from anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

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