OutTV - OUTmusic Spotlight!


Wow! This is so incredible! OutTV Netherlands featured "Young, Dumb, and in Love" on their weekly OUTmusic Spotlight!!! I am so honored they considered me and the single to be featured! Huge thank you again and always to everyone that is involved in this project! Translation below.


The OUTmusic Spotlight of this week is SNG with his song 'Young, Dumb and in Love'.

SNG, in his own words, is already an offspring for his life, but one of the plans to put the world of pop music on top. That is also noticeable of his music: himself described as misfit anthems with exuberant energy.

At the debut singles 'Young, Dumb and in Love' is especially the exuberance of energy. The happy number about, indeed, reckless and in love young people. Should you feel soaked up? Then that's all according to SNG's plan.

The singer is busy recording his EP, but we can now enjoy the first single. Check out the clip below and let us know with a TOP or a DROP what you think about the song.

Last week, you could vote for 'Love is the Only Cure' of Asifa Lahore. This was dropped by you 60%.