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[PREMIERE] SNG releases debut single ‘Scream’

One’s initial thought or imagery when thinking about emotions isn’t usually the inception of a robot and its assembly, but if you think a little more deeply you can begin to draw the distinction. What is artificial connection? What is truly authentic? Are we programmed to feel the way that we do, or are those feelings inherent to human nature? These are all questions posed within Los Angeles-based pop artist SNG’s ambitious rollout and debut single release. A series of commercial-type teasers introduce the mysterious Cicada Robotics, the wheelhouse of what seems to be the beginning of a release narrative.

The song finds itself poised within lush electronic percussion, almost a sound effect library of what you may hear inside of a technological laboratory. The duality of ‘showing your true self to the one you love’ and the detached nature of someone who behaves emotionally in a robotic manner moves throughout the complex lyrics and soaring melodic chorus. The sonic imprint of the track teeters somewhere between electro-r&b and (tasteful) dubstep influences, complete with an ass-clapping bridge that brings the melodrama down to a commercial pop mainstay.

Though there are many questions left from the original sound of the single, the teasers of a somewhat sinister corporation and an unnamed island, SNG has laid the breadcrumbs to what seems to be a very interesting and entertaining trail of events. And we can’t wait to see where those breadcrumbs lead us. The unnamed mini-album is set for an October 2019 release.

SEE THE ARTICLE: https://wefoundnewmusic.com/premiere-sng-releases-debut-single-scream/

Breaking Sound LA & A Mighty Lamb Presents: SNG Live at Adults Only

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BREAKING SOUND: SHOW YOUR PRIDE w/ SNG, Kalen Blanco, Taylor Olson, Lord F

We showcase the hottest emerging artists & bands in premium locations around the city. #BreakingSoundLA

FEATURING --- Kalen Blanco, SNG, Taylor Olson, Lord F

+ Special Guest DJ
This event is 21+

ADV $10.00
OTD $15.00


VIP Table Packages Available ($325.00. Click ticket link for further details)
For larger groups of 10+, please contact info@amightylambproduction.com for pricing.

No refunds.