[Misfit anthems with personal lyrical touches, joined with intoxicating productions create SNG's unique pop sound.]


As an outcast and misfit his whole life, it only makes sense for SNG's experiences to transcend through his music and art. With songs about living carelessly and being in the moment, he's ready to spread the message of joy and not taking everything seriously.


While speaking to the yay-sayers and party-goers, SNG's music also speaks about self empowerment and self love. As a therapeutic form of expression, writing pop music has allowed him to create songs of self reflection and self awareness.


SNG's unique sound starts at the beginning of his writing process; melody. After his lyrics are written with his catchy melodies, he teams up with trusted and talented producers to create the unique pop sound that is SNG.


Currently, he's is writing and recording new music in the studio and is releasing new music one single at a time. You can find SNG's music on all major streaming platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, etc.).